Ronnie Pence

Creative Coder & designer
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Selected Works

I trained a neural network and generated a website with thousands of articles

▧▧▧▧▧▧▧▧▧▧▧▧.com is a website with thousands of articles generated from an LSTM trained model. This piece explores the influence of controversial topics on social media through the lens of an articial intelligence.

TASKS: Website Development, Machine Learning

TECH: TensorFlow, PHP, WordPress, HTML5



I formed a company

Droogs is a creative design and development agency.



I analyzed color usage in famous masterpieces

Color in Art is an interactive data visualization and poster series exploring frequency of color usage in art.

TASKS: Generative Illustration, Data Visualization

TECH: HTML5 Canvas, Javascript, MySQL



I designed and built a custom notebook

Made for writing small, this notebook features more lines per page, two columns for text, and a combination lined paper & a grid system to create a functional, multi-purpose notebook.

TASKS: Page Layout, Book Binding

TECH: Adobe Illustrator



I built a landing page for an education platform

Atom is a one-stop solution for content creators, educators, and learners that enhances learning experience by delivering assessment & learning content at scale. Provided designs, I worked closely with the creative team to quickly build out a landing page.

TASKS: Website Development

TECH: HTML5, Javascript


Atom / Kaplan Test Prep

I made a website for a company that shall remain unnamed.


TASKS: Website Development

TECH: HTML5, Javascript, PHP, Wordpress, MySQL



I converted sound frequency to color

Sound as Color is an exploration in converting audible frequencies to electromagnetic waves perceptible to human eye relative to that of the audible frequency range of the input sound signal.

This piece was shortlisted in the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2017.

TASKS: Generative Illustration, Website Development

TECH: HTML5 Canvas, Javascript, Web Audio API



I imagined sounds as landscapes and 3D printed them

Spectroscapes explore music as physical models that are generated from the signal strength of frequencies present in the waveform of an individual song.

TASKS: Generative Art, Web App Development

TECH: 3D Printer, WebGL, THREE.JS, Javscript, Web Audio API



I built a platform for predicting testing scores

The 'Score Predictor' was built for a campaign during the 2016 back to school season. The microsite allowed students to take a 15 minute quiz to determine how they might score on any of the major entrance exams.

TASKS: Website Development

TECH: PHP, WordPress, HTML5


Kaplan Test Prep

I helped a company help students figure out their career path

WorkPath's mission is to help students discover the career path that is right for them, as well as help them find local trade schools, apprenticeships, and job listings. The website was built on WordPress with a highly custom backend system to allow for easier content entry.

TASKS: Website Development, Website Design

TECH: HTML5, WordPress, PHP, Javascript


WorkPath / Human IG

I designed and developed a series of surreal flash games was a personal project exploring topics such as human nature and social constructs through interactive art. I developed and designed 6 browser based games between 2012 and 2013 that were played by millions of users and featured in several publications before the site was retired in 2017.

TASKS: Game Development, Illustration, Animation, Website Development

TECH: Flash ActionScript 2.0, HTML5, PHP

2012 - 2013